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The Top 5 Advantages of PIR Insulation

A highly popular type of insulation board, PIR is the perfect choice for your project. Also known as polyisocyanurate, it can be used to insulate the likes of roofs, walls, floors ceilings and terraces. Furthermore, it has a wealth of advantages.

At iCompare Building Products Ltd in Sheffield, we are Grade B PIR insulation stockists. This month’s blog looks at the top 5 advantages of PIR insulation. For more information about our stock, call us on 01142 441 666.

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Highly Durable

PIR insulation is a remarkably durable insulation material. It resists mould and microbial growth, nor will it rot, sag or decay. This means you won’t need to replace it.

Moreover, it maintains a long-term thermal performance at a low cost. This also reduces CO2 emissions and is therefore highly efficient. Those who use this insulation require double the thickness of traditional insulation materials to meet the same thermal performance.

Fire Regulation Compliant

One of the most important advantages of PIR insulation is that it complies with a range of fire regulations. It meets Class B regulations and slows the spread of flames.

In addition to this, there are PIR products that are available which can achieve approval with insurance industry standards.

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Moisture Resistant

PIR panels are highly moisture resistant. With a low water absorption of less than 2%, this insulation can retain its original weight and value.

Pressure Resistant

If you are installing PIR insulation on a flat roof, you will be happy to know that these boards will always retain their shape when being walked on. Once they have been installed, maintenance personnel can access the roof with no problems.

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These insulation boards are easy to transport which makes installation far easier and quicker than traditional insulation materials.

Their low weight is also useful for construction, leading to lighter supporting structures.

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Here at iCompare Building Products Ltd, we offer affordable Grade B insulation sheets ranging from 25mm to 165mm. Working across the UK, we offer a prompt delivery service. Having supplied a wide range of insulation boards for many years, we ensure to find you the best products for your project.

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